Arizona Billionaires Are About to Get Another Massive Tax Cut. Speak Up to Stop It.

House Speaker JD Mesnard is about to give the 183 richest Arizonans another tax break they don't need, while kicking our teachers and kids to the curb.

Speaker Mesnard is pushing HB2528, a bill that would give a massive tax cut to 183 lucky Arizonans who make more than $5 million a year, while taking hundreds of millions from the state's general fund--money that could otherwise go to teachers and classrooms that desperately need it. 

We'll be delivering this petition in just a few days, and want to show JD Mesnard that he is facing massive and unprecedented opposition from Arizonans who aren't going to let these things slide any longer. Can you be part of it by signing and then sharing the link with your friends? 

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Dear Speaker JD Mesnard, 

As Arizona residents, we are appalled by your decision to move forward with a bill that would cut the taxes of Arizona's richest people while further depriving our teachers and classrooms of money they desperately need. We urge you to stop championing HB2528.
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